This site now supports IPv6!



I’ve recently been playing about with Hurricane Electric’s IPv6 Tunnel Broker service, who provides IPv6 access via IPv4 for people using ISPs who don’t support it yet, and added IPv6 support to my ASUS wireless router.

I noticed in my VPS control panel that my server has quite a few IPv6 address spare, so alas, I’ve set up IPv6 support to all of the sub-domains on this server.

The IPv6 address is: 2a03:ca80:8007::8e5a:b1b9

Current subdomains supported:

This blog -

Gifblr -


Speedtest is just a vanilla version of’s ‘Mini’ app that can be used on any server. Please don’t spam too much!

I would but I can’t implement IPv6 on my game server since the ISP it uses does not support IPv6 (OpenITC).


CS:S Server Back Up!

A week ago or so my VPS provider for the Counter Strike: Source surf server, DomVPS suspended mine and another person’s VPS because one was getting DDOS attacked or causing kernel errors of some sort. I hadn’t noticed anything strange on my server so I’m going to take a guess and say it was the other person’s, but alas. I contacted their support but they’re very slow (I think the support is just one guy) and nothing seems to be happening so I’ve decided to ‘abandon ship’ and move over.

The server is now being hosted by OpenITC with an offer I found on Lowendtalk.

Unfortunately since I was unable to access the server to backup everything ranks and other stuff has been lost and I’ve had to set-up the server from scratch. We’re now using HLStats:CE rather than Rankme which provides a much richer web interface and fun ‘awards’ etc. We’re also using Sourcebans which is a nice web panel/sourcemod plugin which logs bans to a central MySQL database; making it easier to appeal bans or report people.

If you wish to reconnect, join via:

I and the rest of the team hope to see you soon!

Server Upgrades!

I’ve decided to reconfigure my VPS hosting this site and reinstall from scratch. I was previously using Debian/VirtualMin and it was getting messy so I decided to reinstall using CentOS and configuring manually from scratch. I’m now using the NGINX web server rather than Apache which should speed things up a bit.

Tellyium will be down for a bit while I get things up and running.

Gifblr has moved to it’s own subdomain;