Ben Bristow

Web developer based in Paisley, Scotland

Good morning,

My name is Ben Bristow and I'm a 21 year old web developer based in Paisley, Scotland. I am currently studying Web & Mobile development at the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley, however I have many years of professional experience in the web industry.

I'm a full-stack developer and work with both the front-end and back-end of web applications. With back-end development I'm usually spotted using Ruby on Rails or Laravel and with front-end development I'm normally using Bootstrap and modern JavaScript libraries like React. I'm also proficient with e-commerce, integrating payment solutions like PayPal & Stripe with systems like Wordpress & WooCommerce.

Currently I'm working with Traveltek, a company specializing in websites & booking systems for travel agencies including Barrhead Travel and The Mid-counties Co-operative (Co-op). I've also been working with Video3 Media, a Scottish company who provide webcasting services and platforms primarily for public sector clients including NHS Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service. Last year (2017) I was working for Arnold Clark, Europe's largest independent automobile retailer working on their main website and other web applications.